You can use the Notes in a patient’s account to add non-clinical notes, reminders or comments. 

To add a new note navigate to the Notes tab on a patient’s account and click ‘Add a note’. Clicking the note will allow you to add any information required. Once finished you can click ‘save’. 

If you need to customise the note click the ‘i’ icon to flip the note around which allows you to choose the colour of the note. Clicking the pin icon will pin the note to the patient’s account. This means that the note will appear on the patient’s page every time you enter the account.

To hide a note from view click ‘Hide’ which will remove it. It will appear again when you enter the patient’s record again. 

To completely remove the note, enter the note and click the ‘i’ icon and then click the ‘X’ at the top left to delete the note.

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