How to turn on Desktop Notifications and Troubleshooting Desktop Notification Error

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Notifications alert you when a patient arrives to the surgery. A pop-up message will appear on screen with an alert sound.

To view notifications, click on the bell on the far right, at the top of the screen. It is a toggle button. Click once to view notifications, Click again to hide notifications

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How to turn on Desktop Notification?

To turn on notifications click your name to open the drop-down list and select ‘Enable Desktop Notifications’.

enable notification

Note that your browser may ask you to allow access to Dentally, you should select ‘Allow’ if this option appears.

Troubleshooting Desktop Notifications.

If you encounter issues when enabling this for your own Dentally user and are seeing the following error message, Then it means Chrome has denied this action.

Following the instructions below to fix this;

  • Head to the following URL

  • And simple choose Allow from the notification dropdown menu.

  • If you are unable to change this, it means your settings are being controlled by your antivirus software and you should contact your IT for help resolving this.

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