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How to see who is in the waiting room, for the practitioner and other practitioners in the practice

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The waiting room is where patients will appear in Dentally when they have been marked as ‘Arrived’ on the dental software.

To access the waiting room click on the clock icon in the left hand navigation bar.
The waiting room will show you which practitioner the patient is visiting, when their appointment is and how long ago they arrived.

waiting room

All users will be able to see the red number count of how many patients are currently in the waiting room. However, If you are a practitioner and a patient has arrived that you treat, a notification will show in the top right of the screen with an audible noise as well.  

Note: if the patient is not yours you will not receive arrival notifications for that patient but will still see the number count against the waiting room.

If you did not see a notification make sure you have notifications allowed for Dentally in Google Chrome. Please see the Google Chrome support here to enable this.

Appointment grouping

Appointments are grouped so that the current user's patients are first  - Waiting for You -and everyone else's are listed afterwards - Waiting for others.

The following patient details are listed.

• Patient age, address line 1, post code
• Appointment reason
• Treatment description (if applicable)
• How many minutes patients have been waiting

Appointment colour coding

The waiting time is colour coded:
Green - if the patient arrives before appointment start time.
Orange - if the patient arrives less 5 mins after appointment start time.
Red - if the patient arrives more than 5 mins after appointment start time

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