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How to use the clipboard to move appointments

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The Clipboard in the Calendar

The clipboard provides a useful way to move appointments from the patient records to the calendar.

The clipboard can be found by clicking the clipboard icon at the top of the calendar.

The Clipboard in the Appointments Tab

If you check the Appointments tab in a patient's record, you can add any unbooked appointments to the clipboard using the clipboard button. This allows you to find a slot in the calendar and drag the appointment straight to that time slot.

Using the Clipboard to make appointments

In the Calendar, appointments that need to be moved from one date to another (usually because of a mistake being made, rather than the patient moving the appointment) can be added to the clipboard using the right click menu on the appointment. This effectively cuts the appointment and places it on the clipboard, ready to be pasted.

Once the appointment is on the clipboard, you can find a date and time suitable in the normal way, and move the appointment to the slot by clicking on it in the clipboard and dragging it into place.

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You can use also the appointment finder in the clipboard by clicking on the magnifying glass icon by the appointment. This works just like the appointment finder on the calendar screen, but pre-fills the options as Dentally already knows the practitioner and duration of the appointment you need. When you have found a time you wish to add this appointment to, you can simply click 'Book Here' and appointment will be placed for you and displayed. Alternatively, clicking on the time, will show you the date and time suggested and you can drag the appointment into place if it is suitable.

For more information and help about moving and cancelling appointments go to our Cancelling and Moving Appointments webpage.

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