Recurring Appointments in Calendar

How to set up recurring appointments in Calendar for lunches, regular working days, change working hours for practitioners

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Setting a repeat appointment or blocking out a particular time of the day on a recurring basis is very useful. It can be used for setting lunch hours or emergency slots etc.

To set a repeat Appointment or to block out a slot, you must have Level 4 (administrator) permissions.

recurring appointments

Got to Settings > Diary > Recurring Appointment.

  1. Click on the ‘New Recurring Appointment’.

  2. Add a title to the appointment, select the relevant practitioners and days to which it applies.

  3. Fill in the start and end time.

  4. Then select the practitioner(s) you’d like it to apply to and the schedule of how often it occurs, eg. every week during the period requested.

  5. Click Save to apply.

Dentally Add a new recurring appointment

If you make changes, and there appear to be duplicates in the calendar, leave it for an hour, and the Dentally system will automatically remove duplicates. 

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