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How to book family appointments all at once.

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When patients book an appointment and ask to book in every member of their family at the same time, it can mean a lot of clicking, typing and head-scratching.

Fortunately, if you have linked the family group together in Dentally, you can easily cycle through the linked patients and find them all without having to search and remember all of those names!

  •  When you start to book an appointment for a patient who is in a family group, you will be shown the family group option:

  • family booking in dentally

  •  When you select this option, Dentally will display how many family members there are to be booked and automatically suggest those family members book in next when this appointment is saved.

number of members dentally booking

If you have selected family members by mistake, clicking on the cross next to the number of members leaves Family Mode and reverts to booking an appointment only for the patient selected.

  •  Complete the rest of the appointment as usual and book the appointment for just the time required for this patient - not the whole family group.

  •  Click Save as normal.

  •  When you have clicked Save, the next member of the group will be pre-entered into this screen, ready to be booked in. 

  • Complete the details for this appointment, or click the Skip button if you do not want to book an appointment for that family member at this time.

  • The appointments will be booked one after the other in the calendar.

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