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Appointment Specific Correspondence

How to send patients correspondence from the calendar.

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If you wish to send a patient an SMS or a letter specifically regarding an appointment, you can send it directly from the appointment.

Sending the correspondence this way will ensure any appointment details in the correspondence will relate to the specific appointment.

You can send an appointment specific correspondence two ways:

From the Calendar right click on the appointment and choose from either Send SMS or Create Letter from the drop down menu.

Send SMS

This will display your standard Appointment Reminder SMS wording. You can amend this wording if required by simply clicking on the message text and changing the wording as required. This will not affect your standard Appointment Reminder template.

Create Letter

This option will display your list of Letter templates. Select the required template and the letter will be immediately created and displayed for printing.

You can also send an Appointment specific SMS from the amend appointment screen. To access this screen, either double click on the appointment in the calendar or click the edit button but the appointment in the patient’s Appointment tab in their records.

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