Reminding patients of their appointments can greatly reduce the amount of failed appointments in your practice.

Using SMS and email means that messages can be delivered, quickly and accurately to the patient. When you use automatic reminders, unlike a phone call, it takes no time away from your staff in the practice.

Like all correspondence in Dentally, any reminders sent will be kept in the patient’s correspondence history.

Manual Reminders

If you choose to send your appointment reminders manually, you can send an SMS directly from the appointment in the Calendar. Right-click on the appointment and select "Send SMS".

appointment reminders

You will be shown a confirmation screen before the SMS is created, choose "Send SMS" and it will be sent.

Automatic Reminders

These will be sent the requested number of days before the patient’s appointment using a template you can edit in Practice Settings. Any patient who has been opted in to receive SMS or Emails will receive a reminder.

We have a web page to help you with setting up automatic appointment reminders.

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