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How to add a new appointment reason to the standard appointment list

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As well as the pre-defined list of Appointment Reasons you are able to use in Dentally, you can also add your own.

These reasons can be used alongside the standard list but you must still use Exam, Scale and Polish & Exam+Scale & Polish for appointments of those types as they will update the patient’s record and keep their recall information up to date.

Set up a new Appointment Reason

To do this, you must have Level 4 (Administrator) Permissions.

new diary screen

From the Settings Menu > Diary > Appointment Reasons.

Any previously created Appointment Reasons will be shown here and can be amended.

Dentally New appointment Reason

To add a new reason, click on New Appointment Reason and fill in the required information:

  • Reason: allows you to set the name of the appointment reason.

  • Colour: uses the colour palette to allow you to set the appointment block’s colour in the calendar. Mix the required colour and remember to click OK once you have selected it.

  • Position: dictates where in your list of reasons this appears. For example, position number 1 would show it at the top of the list.

  • The Hidden option lets you switch off this appointment reason if you no longer use it. If you want to switch a reason off, come back into this list and edit the existing reason, setting this option to Yes.

Click Save when you are happy with the options you have selected.

Now the Appointment Reason has been created, it can be used in the calendar just like any other, by selecting from the drop down list when you create an appointment.

To colour your calendar view by Appointment Reasons, go to the colour selection button at the top of the calendar and select Appointment Reason.

Dentally Appointment Colour selector
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