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The UDA Forecast report allows you to track the status of NHS treatments within a date range and identify claims that are in danger of being rejected as a ‘Late Submitted Claim’.

The current NHS BSA ruling states that all NHS claims should be submitted within 2 months of the completion date of the treatment. Any claims submitted longer than 2 months after the completion date will be treated as a Late Submitted Claim and any requested UDA value will be disallowed.

Claims that are incomplete because the patient failed to return for treatment are included on this report, based on the last item of completed work on the treatment plan. It is good practice to submit these claims within 2 months of the latest completed work.

So, how does it work?

The report will show you all non-submitted NHS treatments where the treatment plan has a start date between the dates provided. You can set these by clicking on them and choosing the start and end dates for the range.

The results can be filtered by their State, Practitioner or whether the patient has future appointments to complete any outstanding work.

UDA Forecast Claim Status

Dentally UDA Forecast Report Claim Status

The status of a claim is based on the completion date or date of the last completed work.

If that date is more than 2 months ago, the claim will show as Out of Time. This claim will be rejected as a Late Submission.

Danger claims are within a week of being too late to submit. They should be either submitted immediately or the patient called in to complete any outstanding work.

Unknown claims are treatment plans that contain NHS work, but none of that work has been completed. These generally would be estimates that have never been picked up for treatment.

OK. Well, this means the claim is ok and within time to submit. If everything is complete, you should be submitting it now. If the treatment plan is still open, with work to complete, then there should be no problem.

Filter by State to only show treatment plans that fall into the state chosen.

Future Appointments

Dentally UDA Report Future Appointment Filter

This allows you to filter the results to just the treatment plans where the patient has no future appointment to complete any outstanding work.

In effect, these are the treatment plans that need to be chased. Some work has been done and if you do not contact the patient and get them to come back in, you run the risk of losing these UDAs.


The results shown are the treatment plans containing NHS work that fall into the boundaries you have set. You can enter the treatment plan containing the work directly by clicking on the ID number in the first column.

At the top of the report, the summary shows the number of UDAs found:

Dentally UDA Forecast Report - showing number of UDAs

The summary at the bottom of the report gives totals of the numbers of treatment plans found:

Dentally UDA Forecast Report Treatment plans

Filtering the report to one particular state will remove these summary totals from the screen as only one type of state will be listed.

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