If the patient is registered as NHS in their details, they will have an NHS tab and an Exemptions tab.


Treatment plans with completed NHS treatments on can raise an NHS claim. Any NHS claims for the patient will be shown in here.

All of the information you should need about the NHS claim is visible in this screen, including its UDA value and current status.

The Comments column shows if you have received any messages regarding this claims from the Claims Processing department of the NHSBSA. When the claim has been successfully been processed and has appeared on a schedule, this comments column will show confirmation of the UDA value given.

If it is neccessary to resubmit a claim, the View Treatment Plan button will open the treatment plan the NHS claim was raised from. You can then make any amendments required and resubmit the claim.

Exemptions Tab

If the patient has an Exemption from NHS charges, you will need to enter and maintain it in here.

The Add an Exemption button allows the user to add a new exemption which can be applied to NHS Claims. Just fill out the required details.

Previous exemptions are retained even once they have expired to show the history for the patient.

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