In NHS Scotland all U18 routine dental work is covered by capitation.

How to make sure your NHS-Scotland U18 claim will be sent (and paid)

  1. When you see your U18 for the 1st time, open a Treatment Plan and chart REGN

  2. Save and Submit that treatment plan with NO OTHER TREATMENT on the plan.

  3. This sets a flag on the child’s record that they are registered with that dentist at that practice and the practice / dentist is paid capitation for them.

  4. Now open a new Treatment Plan and chart the treatment.

  5. Save and Complete the Treatment Plan.

  6. Submit the Treatment Plan.

  7. If there is only capitation work, the claim will bounce back because there is nothing to claim for.

  8. If there is non-capitation work, the claim will go through successfully.

  9. If there is a mix of capitation and non-capitation work, only the non-capitation work can be claimed.

NHS Scotland U18 Capitation Treatment Codes

As of September 2019, these are the treatment codes covered by capitation:


0111 0121 0101 3601 4701


0201 0202 0203 0204 0205 0206 0207 4901 4911 4921 4931


1001 1011 1021

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