When a treatment plan in Dentally has completed NHS work, you can raise an NHS claim from it.

This means that treatment plans can contain NHS work and work from other payment plans such as Private.

Each treatment plan can only have one NHS claim associated with it, so when all of the NHS work is completed, just click the Submit Claim button and follow the process through to send it for payment.

The claim will be queued for one hour, which allows you to perform any changes you might need to make before the claim is sent. Once the hour has passed, the claim will be automatically sent and should be marked as submitted immediately. This means that the claim has reached the NHSBSA server and has been successfully passed through to the Claims Processing department.

When the Claims Processing department has accepted the claim for payment, you will receive a notification and the claim will be marked as Completed. This means that it has been included on your daily schedule and no further action is required.

Checking NHS Claims for a Patient

The NHS tab in the patient’s records will show any NHS Claims raised from treatment plans for this patient.

The View Treatment Plan button will open the Treatment Plan that the claim has been raised from.

ID & NHS ID - These are the unique identifying numbers for this claim. The ID is an internal, unique number. NHS ID is the Claim Reference Number used by the NHSBSA to uniquely identify this claim on your contract.

Submitted - Shows the date that this claim was last submitted to the NHSBSA.

Practitioner - The practitioner in the practice who submitted this claim.

Contract - Indicates which of your NHS contracts this claim was sent under.

UDA - The Number of UDAs requested to the left of the slash, and to the right of the slash, the number agreed on schedule by the NHSBSA.

Patient Charge - The agreed patient charge.

Status - The claim will go through several statuses between it being raised and paid:

  • Queued - the claim has been marked to submit, but has not yet been sent

  • Submitted - successfully sent to the NHSBSA server

  • Received - successfully received by the NHSBSA server

  • Completed - the claim has passed verification and will be included on the next schedule

  • Invalid - there is an issue with the claim that requires attention

  • Error - the claim has not been submitted as there is a problem

Exemption - The exemption the claim was last sent containing.

Comments - If there are any issues with the claim, these will be shown in the comments section. Once the claim has been completed and agreed to be paid on schedule, this will be shown in the comments section.

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