Of course, some claims may raise a problem and the NHSBSA will return a message stating the problem.

These claims will be marked as Invalid and you will receive a message in your Notification centre at the top right of your Dentally screen.

Clicking on the message in the notifications list will take you to that claim so you can deal with the problem.

When you have amended what ever the issue is with the claim, just go to the Submit option on the treatment plan screen again and resubmit the claim.

Finding Other Claims with Problems

You can find any claims that currently have an Invalid status by running an NHS Claims Report.

From the Reports Menu, select NHS Claims. This list can be filtered by Date Range, Performer, NHS Band and Status.

To find any claims that are currently marked as invalid and in need of attention, use the Status filter and set it to Invalid.

You will be then shown any claims that need attention. The View button by each claim will take you to the treatment plan tht the claim was raised from.

Additional NHS Claim Error support documentation

For additional support documents showing you how to resolve common NHS Claim errors, please see below

Dealing with NHS Claim Problems - This is an overview of claim errors

Specific NHS Claim Errors

NHS Claims Error - Claim is invalid

NHS Claim Error - Further treatment within 2 months

NHS Claim Error - Treatment dates are outside the period of the contract or the performer's tenure

NHS Claim Error - Duplicate or overlapping claims

NHS Claim Error - Invalid location ID

NHS Claim Error - No significant treatment on a claim - England and Wales

NHS Claim Error - Further treatment within 2 months

NHS Claim Error - Invalid PIN

NHS Claim Error - SQ Ind claim where original has already been deleted or is in error

NHS Claim Error - Invalid or missing contract name and/or performer number

NHS Claim Error - Free Repair / Replacement

NHS Claim Error - Inappropriate Treatment code used

NHS Scotland Specific Errors

NHS Scotland Claim Error - No significant treatment on a claim

Additional NHS England and Wales Support web pages

Submitting an NHS claim

Resubmitting and Withdrawing NHS Claims

Sending incomplete or FTR Claims

COVID-19 Triage Assessment Forms

How to use the NHS Claims Report to track the progress of NHS claims in England and Wales

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