Continuation of Treatment

Under the NHSBSA guidelines, claims can be sent as a continuation of treatment if work of the same band or higher WAS carried out and claimed for the patient under the same NHS contract within the previous 2 months. The higher previous band means that this lower band can be sent as a continuation.

This means the patient will not be charged for the treatment, but the UDA value will still be received.

To send a claim as Continuation of Treatment, submit as normal and select Continuation on the second Submit screen.

For this to pass validation with the NHSBSA, there must have been a same band or higher claim submitted under the same contract for the patient with a completion date within 2 months of the start date of this continuation claim.

Treatment on Referral

Work carried out on referral awards the UDAs to your contract but removes the patient’s charge as this will have been paid elsewhere.

To send a claim as Treatment on Referral, submit as normal and select Treatment on Referral on the second Submit screen.

Regulation 11 Claims

Regulation 11 applies to replacement NHS dental or orthodontic appliances, when the original was lost or broken due to an act or omission by a patient.

The appliances that are covered by Regulation 11 are:

  • dentures

  • bridges

  • obturators

  • orthodontic appliances

The practice will still receive the 12 UDAs, but the patient pays either 30% or 60% of the Band 3 charge.

Add the Band 3 claim as usual, but before charging the patient, select Regulation 11 and pick the correct percentage charge in the Submit screen.

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