Treatment plan templates provide a way of charting multiple treatments and appointments for a patient with a single click, saving you considerable time when charting complex and long treatments. In addition, it will ensure consistency within the practice, allowing the same procedures for each type of treatment plan.

Before you start using templates, if you need to set them up, we have a web page on Creating Treatment Plan Templates

Templates can be used to either start a new plan with the template applied, or they can be added to an already opened plan. In the chart screen, click on the Plans tab above the treatment list.

Dentally Treatment Plans

This will list all of the previously saved templates. These can be searched, set as favourite or browsed by treatment category in the same way as your treatments list.

To add the template to an existing treatment plan, click the + icon by the template.

To create a new plan and apply the template, double click on the template entry.

Note: you can only apply one template to a treatment plan.

plan templates

Once the template has been applied to the treatment plan, you are free to add additional items to the plan in the same way as when charting plans normally. Click the appointment you need to add the item to and select from the list.

Items that require charting against a tooth

If your template includes items that need to be charted against a tooth, they will be applied to the plan via the template, but before you can continue, you need to chart which teeth they need to be attributed to.

Any uncharted items on the applied template will be listed to the left of the plan. The items can then be charted in the order they are displayed:

plan templates

Click on the appropriate teeth/surfaces and the entry will be marked as charted, then the next will be highlighted. Once all the items have been charted, this list will disappear and additional treatments can be chosen from the treatments list as normal, if required.

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