Plans change, and so do treatment plans, sometimes. If you need to change the order of the work proposed on a treatment plan, you need to use the Reorder button.

Pressing the Reorder button puts you into ‘Reorder mode’. This is all you should really do in this mode, and you must make sure you click on Finished Reordering when you are done to put you back into normal Charting mode.

Say, for example we needed to move the composite filling from appointment 3 on this treatment plan to appointment 2.

Click on the Reorder button highlighted and click on the Composite filling in appointment 3.

Drag the filling into appointment 2 and drop. Once you have done that, click the ‘Finished Reordering’ button.

Note: Only incomplete treatments can be moved between appointments.

Alternatively, you might need to move an entire appointment in the sequence of a treatment plan. The same method applies, but this time click on the appointment holder itself before dragging it into the position on the plan where you need it.

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