When a new patient has come to the practice, you will want to record a baseline chart, or maybe you need to update an existing patient’s baseline.

In the chart screen for the patient, click on the Base Chart tab. You will see that the treatment lines have been disabled - what you chart now will go straight onto the baseline chart and does not need to be entered and then completed.

blank chart

Select the items you wish to chart on the baseline from the list of Base Chart treatments on the left. Remember you can search and use your favourites to help narrow this list down as well as filter the list to just those treatments set as available in the base chart.

Once you have selected the treatment, click on the tooth or surfaces that treatment applies to and move on to the next. It makes sense to chart all of the teeth requiring the same thing together as this will help speed things up. For example, chart all of the missing teeth, then move on and chart the filled teeth, etc.

Once each item is charted, you will see its entry in the list below. Clicking on that entry will allow you to add notes if there is anything you would like to keep a record about on that charted item.

Clicking on the bin icon to the left of the line will allow you to delete the entry.

Automatic saving

There is no need to save the base chart when you are finished. Once everything is charted, just go back to another tab or open a new treatment plan to continue.

Once treatment items are marked as complete on their plans, the patient’s base chart will be updated to reflect the changes.

Adult Teeth, Children’s Teeth and Mixed Dentition

mixed dentition chart

The Change View button allows you to show or hide the different charting maps, so adult teeth, children’s teeth, or a mixture can be shown at once.

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