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How to enable / disable and use hover charting

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Hover charting is a tool that allows surgery-based users to speed up how the treatments they need to chart on teeth can be selected.

With hover charting enabled, as the user hovers the mouse pointer over a tooth, Dentally will suggest which treatment you would like to chart on that tooth.

The treatments suggested are based on the type of treatments you typically chart on that type of tooth and differs between the Base Chart and Treatment Chart, so you should quickly start to build up a helpful list of shortcuts as you start using this method.

How to Enable Hover Charting

The selection options at the top left side of your charting screen, where you are able to select between Permanent and Deciduous dentition also contains a drop-down option to enable or disable Hover Charting. This is set per user, so individual practitioners are able to use Hover Charting, depending on their preference.

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To disable Hover Charting, just reverse the procedure above.

Using Hover Charting

As you hover over teeth on the Base Chart or Treatment Chart, Dentally will suggest the most common treatments charted on that type of tooth. Simply select the type of treatment you need to chart and click it. Once you have selected your treatment, click on the tooth, or surface as before. The selected treatment can then be applied to as many teeth or surfaces as required until you need to change treatment for another choice.

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Remember, hover charting learns from you as a user. Once enabled, the suggested treatments list will develop as you continue charting over time. 

Hover Charting Recognising Treatments

The Hover Charting takes an average of the treatments from over around the last 100 charts. It has to learn your favourite treatments over time.

In order for Hover charting to work at its best, once you turn Hover Charting on, it needs to see things on different types of teeth and baseline and treatment plan charting.

Hover charting learns per practitioner, this means your user needs to have a practitioner profile linked to it. To make a practitioner profile use our easy-to-follow guide on how to add one here!

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