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Creating Treatment Plan Templates
Creating Treatment Plan Templates
How to Create a Treatment Plan Template
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Treatment plan templates provide a way of charting multiple treatments and appointments for a patient with a single click, saving you considerable time when charting complex and long treatments. In addition it will ensure consistency within the practice, allowing the same procedures for each type of treatment plan.

Create a Treatment Plan Template:

To start, you will need to chart the treatment plan as you would wish it to appear in future use. Create a plan for a patient and add the appointments and treatments required. If a treatment requires to be charted on a tooth, for this example plan, just chart on the tooth appropriate to this patient, or chart anywhere if you are using a test patient.

plan templates

Once all of the elements in the plan have been charted, switch to the Plans tab.

To save this treatment plan as a template, click the Create Template button. Give the template a name to help when choosing it from a list and which type of treatment category it falls into.

The template can now be selected from the list. To help find your templates, they can be marked as favourites and searched for using their name or category, just like treatment items.

Remove a template

To remove a template, click the bin next to its entry on this screen and confirm.

Use our Using Treatment Plan Templates web page for more information on how to best use Treatment Plan Templates.

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