The treatment chart is where you add treatments to be performed on the patient.

The Chart

The centre two rows of teeth are the patient's base chart. The outer rows are where work is proposed and charted, before it is committed to the base chart.

Chart Options

The Chart options allow you to switch between deciduous and permanent teeth, or a mixed view of both.

PD - Permanent Dentition
PTD - Permanent Treatment Dentition - i.e. where you chart treatment
DD - Deciduous Dentition
DTD - Deciduous Treatment Dentition - i.e. where you chart treatment

The Chart options allow you to use the hover chart and locked chart features.

Treatment History of a Tooth

Hovering the mouse pointer over a tooth will show the history of treatment charted on it, showing who charted the treatment, when it was charted and the plan it was charted on or whether it is on the base chart.


The Treatment list is shown on the left of the screen. You can search for the treatment you need by typing it into the Search box, or by scrolling down the list.

The list as a default shows all treatments in the system, but can be filtered to show:

  • Favourites - Click the star next to a treatment to add it to your favourites list. To remove an item from your favourites, click on the star again.
  • Base Chart - This will filter the list to only show treatments that have been set as 'Available in the Base Chart'. This can be set in the Treatments and Plans section of your Settings menu.
  • Treatment Category - Each treatment will be assigned a category; Restorations, Dentures, etc. These can be altered in the Treatments and Plans section of your Settings menu.

Treatment Plans

Any open treatment plans will be shown by the tab showing their unique treatment number. A new treatment plan can be created by clicking the + button.

The Base Chart tab

Clicking on the Base Chart tab will allow you to edit the patient's base chart. The treatment chart lines will be greyed out and items can be charted using the treatment list.

Find out more about recording the base chart from our base chart web page.

History tab

This will show the history of any treatments added for this patient. As a default, this list will be filtered to only show those treatments marked as Complete. Changing the filter at the top of the list will allow you to show incomplete treatments too, or remove items added to the Base Chart.

Each treatment line in History will have a TP button to the left. This will display the Treatment Plan that the treatment was recorded on.

BPE tab

This will show any previous BPE Charts recorded for the patient. Add a new Chart by clicking on the Record New BPE button. If a BPE Chart is due to be taken, a red marker will be shown on the tab. This marker will be shown if the patient has never had a chart recorded, if the interval on their previous chart has elapsed.

You can read more about recording a BPE chart on our BPE web page .

Images tab

Here, you can upload radiographs and photographs taken of the patient.

Any previously uploaded images will be displayed and can be viewed, edited or downloaded using the options on screen.

You can read more about images, on our web page about uploading digital X-Rays or photographs.

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