You can access and chart 6 pocket perio exams for a patient by selecting the 'Perio' tab at the top of the patient's record. The most recent exam will be displayed when you enter this screen, or if none have been recorded in the past, just go to the 'Create a New Exam' button.

In the chart you run around both sides of each arch, recording the Pocket Depth and then Recession on the available teeth. (Teeth marked as missing, extracted, etc. will not be available to chart on).

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Taking a Reading

Enter the score required for first the pocket depth and then the recession by just pressing the figure on each area of each tooth. For speed, Dentally is waiting for a single figure in each area before moving on automatically. 

Double digits

If you need to record a figure higher than 9, hit the 'D' key on your keyboard first. This puts the entry mode to double figures for just that one entry and waits for a double-digit number before moving on. You will then be back in single-digit mode.

Once you have run around the Upper Palatal, you will be dropped to the Upper Buccal side and so on.

Adding Further Information

perio exam dentally

To record the additional information on the chart, such as bleeding, furcation, etc., simply press the first letter of each word. This can be done as you are progressing around and charting the Pocket Depth or Recession or by clicking back on the sites around the mouth afterwards. Whichever works best for you:

  • For Bleeding press 'B' on the keyboard to add the bleeding marker to that area.

  • For Suppuration press 'S' on the keyboard and it will add the yellow marker.

  • For Furcation there are three grades, so just keep pressing 'F' until it records the grade you wish to mark.

  • For mobility, again press the 'M' key and keep pressing until you reach the amount of mobility you wish to mark.

Any of the above markers can be removed by pressing the letter key again.

Click 'Save' to record the exam. The exam is still editable for today only. If you do make changes, the Save button will re-appear and make sure you click it!

If it helps to hide certain areas of the exam while explaining the details to the patient, you can hide the recession or pocket depth lines for example by clicking its entry on the legend line at the top of the exam. Just click it again to switch it back on.

Comparing Previous Exams

You can compare this chart with any previously saved ones using the drop-down list at the top right where it says 'Select Past Exam' and switching between the current and previous exam recordings.

Dentally Bleeding and plaque exams

The Bleeding & Plaque Chart

Dentally Bleeding and Plaque chart tabs

To chart the percentage of surfaces with plaque and bleeding, press the Plaque tab at the top of the exam.

bleeding and plaque charting

Here you start by recording bleeding on the available surfaces, then switch across to recording the plaque.

How to Chart Bleeding and Plaque

By clicking on either ‘Bleeding’ or ‘Plaque’, you add label to a tooth surface, turning the surface either red for ‘Bleeding’ or ‘Yellow’ for plaque or if you want to add both bleeding and plaque, the surface will be coloured orange.

plaque and bleeding

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