If a treatment on an existing Treatment Plan has been completed and charged, it will be locked. This means that you will not be shown the completion marker and therefore cannot mark the treatment as incomplete in order to amend it.

Here, we can see that the inlay prep has been charged and we do not have the ability to remove the completed marker.

If you need to edit this treatment in any way, you must unlock it first.

Follow the steps below to unlock and edit a charged treatment:

Find the treatment - Open the chart screen for the patient. If the treatment you need to change is on their currently open plan, you should find it by scrolling through the treatments on the plan.

If the treatment is on a treatment plan that has been closed, you will need to find it by going to the ‘History’ tab and scrolling down until you find the treatment you need. Click the ‘TP’ button to the left of the treatment - this will display the treatment plan that the treatment is on. Once the plan is on display, press the ‘Reopen Treatment Plan’ button.

Remove the Invoice - Now that we know the treatment plan containing the treatment that needs amending is open, we need to remove the invoice containing the work. Go to the Accounts screen for the patient and delete the invoice.

Follow the usual method for removing the invoice as described in our web page about Deleting an Invoice.

Untick the treatment and edit - When you return to the treatment plan, you should see that the treatment is giving you the option to untick the Completion marker.

Untick the completion marker and make the changes to the treatment you require. When you are ready, click Charge to create a new invoice.

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