The Account tab shows all invoices and payments relating to this patient.


Invoices raised by charging treatment from a treatment plan are shown at the top of the screen. They will show the date that the invoice was created, alongside the invoice number.

This invoice number is a link, which will allow you to display and then print or email the invoice.

The practitioner's column shows an icon for each practitioner who has work charged on that invoice.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the total amount and the status of the invoice. If there is an outstanding amount to pay, this will be shown in Orange.

Once an invoice has been marked as paid, it will state this in green, showing when the payment was made.

An invoice can be deleted if there are no payments associated with it and all of the items on it are on open treatment plans. To do this, use the Bin icon to the right of the invoice. If there is a padlock by the invoice, there are either payments explained against it, or not all of the items on the invoice are on open treatment plans.

If an invoice has been sent to the patient, you can indicate this when printing or emailing it and the invoice will show with an arrow to the right of it.

Once an invoice has been paid in full, clicking on the Invoice number will show it as a Receipt, stating when the payments were made against it. Again, this can be printed or emailed as before.


All payments are shown at the bottom of the screen. They will be shown with the amount, method and a summary of what was done with that money - ie which invoice it was used to pay.

If payment has not been used to pay an invoice, it will be shown as ‘Unexplained’. Click on the orange question mark and state which invoice you wish to explain the payment against.


The bin icon next to an explained payment (with a green tick) will remove the explanation. Clicking the bin by an unexplained payment will remove the payment.

Statement of Account

The Statement of Account allows you to give the patient a statement style run down of their debits and credits over a time period.

Once the option has been selected, choose a date range and then select whether the statement is to be emailed or printed using the envelope and printer options.

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