Recording a Patient's Medical History

How to record, review or invalidate a patient's medical history on Dentally. We will also look at how to set medical alerts.

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The Medical tab in a patient’s account tracks the patient’s Medical History. You can Record and Review from within this tab.

Creating a new Medical Form can be done here if it needs updating in surgery but you can also get your patients to update this via Dentally Portal directly.

Recording a new Medical History

  • Click ‘New Medical History’.

  • If the patient has answered a questionnaire previously, their answers will be carried forward. If not, all answers are set to ‘No’, to change the answer to ‘Yes’ click anywhere on the question. 

  • You can add patient or practice comments if required.

  • Click ‘Save’ to commit the changes.

Once you have submitted a medical history, you have 24 hours to update it before it is locked. After this, you will need to record a new medical history. 

Medical Status

When the medical history has been updated, it will appear in the Medical tab with a green heart if there are no issues with the medical history, whilst a red heart indicates a medical issue that may require attention.

If the patient has any important medical information of note there is the Medical Alert option which flags the information at the top of the patient's account next to their name.

How to set a medical alert?

  • Click Toggle alert.

  • This will place a discreet Red Heart by the patient’s name, indicating there is something to check in their Medical History.

  • Use the drop-down menu next to Toggle alert and click ‘Set alert text’. This will place a worded alert by the patient’s name - you can also use this option to amend an existing alert.

  • Enter the required alert.

How to Review or Invalidate a Medical History

Once a patient has updated their medical form, you, as the dentist, will be able to review this to ensure the patient has filled this out correctly:

  • Click View next to the medical entry to view the answers.

  • Review form answers with the patient.

  • Then choose the Mark As option at the right of the screen.

  • You will have two options, 1) Mark as Reviewed 2) Mark as Invalid

  • Mark as Reviewed: This will add an entry to say when the form was last reviewed.

Mark as Invalid: You will be asked to enter a reason for invalidating the Medical History. This will add an entry to say when the form was invalidated and why.

  • Once a Medical History has been marked as invalid, it cannot be edited, deleted or reviewed.

Note 🗒️ For patient safety, if the latest Medical History has been marked as Invalid, Dentally will display the Medical History flag on the patient's record, indicating a new Medical History form is required.

This will be displayed even if the last valid Medical History form is still within its validity period.

Other ways to complete the Medical History

Patients can complete their Medical History via the iPad app, the Dentally Portal or via a unique, one-time link sent directly from the patient's record.

📝 Please note: If you are a Portal user, the patient will be able to see their previous answers populated in the form. If you are not a Portal user, the medical history form will be blank every time, regardless of whether they have completed one before.

If updated one of these ways, the completed Medical History form will show in the patient’s medical tab as normal with an indicator in the comments that this was signed online.

The entry will also display an icon of a tablet and a pen if the form was electronically signed by them. These questionnaires cannot be edited by the user once they have been signed, but can still be reviewed and invalidated if needed.

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