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How to use notes for quick, non-clinical information, reminders, or comments. Hide all notes in one click, Note audit trail

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You can use the Notes in a patient’s account to add quick, non-clinical notes, reminders or comments. 

Add a new note

To add a new note 

  •  Navigate to the Notes tab on a patient’s account and click ‘Add a note’. 

  • Click on the note to add any information required. 

  • Once finished you need to click ‘save’. 

  • If you do not click Save, you will not see the note on the patient record when you open it up. It will remain in the Notes tab, but will not display anywhere else.

Change Note colour

  •  To change the colour of the note click the ‘i’ icon to flip the note

  • Select the colour you want

  • Click on Save

Pin the Note

To Pin a note so that it will appear on the patient’s page every time you enter the account:

  •  Click the pin icon will pin the note to the patient’s account. 

  • Click Save

To Hide a note from view

To hide a note from view click ‘Dismiss’ which will remove it. It will appear again when you enter the patient’s record again. 

To Delete a Note

To completely remove the note, 

  • Enter the note and click the ‘i’ icon 

  • Click the ‘X’ at the top left 

  • Click Delete to delete the Note.

Note information

The information at the bottom of the note shows when that note was last edited and who the author was. If you hover your mouse cursor over this information, Dentally will display when the note was first created.

Hide all notes with one click

To hide all notes in one click, select the "hide all notes" button at the top, right of the screen. 

Note Audit Trail

You can see the audit trail for your notes.

  • At the bottom left hand corner of your note is the History icon

Dentally Non-clinical note showing history icon
  • Click on the history icon to show a list of the changes made to the note.

Dentally non-clinical note history of changes and updates
  • There is a colour code to the changes

  • Green - creation

  • Blue - update or change

  • Red - delete

You can also view changes to non-clinical notes in the audit tab.

  • Select Audit

  • Select All Objects > Note

Clinical Notes

These quick patient notes are not suitable for clinical information. If you want to make clinical notes on the Chart screen, you can add to the Notes section or, if you are making the same notes over and over again, look at our Clinical Notes Templates web page, to see how using a template saves you time and effort.

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