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How to group family members, link and unlink family members to make appointment booking easier for the family

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Family members can be grouped in Dentally, making it easier to keep track of which patients are linked together and speeding things up when booking appointments for families in one go.

You can either group together existing patients as a family, or choose an existing patient and add a new patient who is in their family group.

You can link together as many family members as you like and unlink them if required.

Here’s how you link families together:

Linking a new patient to an existing family member

To add an additional member of the family to a patient whose details are already in Dentally, go to the Family section of the Patient’s Details screen.

To add a new family member, linked to this patient, choose the Add button:

This will bring you to an ‘Add Patient’ screen, ready to add a new patient to Dentally. Some details will be pre-filled, based on the existing family member, but these can be changed if required.

When the new patient details have been added, click the Save button as usual.

Adding Existing Patients to a family group

So, what if the patients you need to link together as a family group are already in Dentally and not linked? No problem!

Find one of the family members you need to link together and go to the Family section in their Details screen.

Click on the link button:

Search for the other family members by name, mobile number or Date of Birth and click on them to select.

Once patients have been linked, you will be able to see all the members of a family group in each patient’s details.

All members of the group will be displayed and each name is a link to that other patient’s records. Hovering over the name will display a patient summary just like the one you see in the Calendar.

Unlinking Family Members

If you need to remove a patient from the family group, just click on the Unlink button and confirm.

You can find out how to use Family Groups when booking appointments on our web pages.

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