Dentally allows you to edit the medical history questions you ask patients. According to Government guidelines for winter 2021 to 2022, all screening questions should be carried out prior to arrival by telephone, online or as soon as possible on arrival. The updated Screening tools for COVID-19 can be seen here.

To edit the medical history questions you ask your patients go to Settings > Treatments and Plans > Medical History Questions.

  • To edit a question, click on the text of the question that you want to change.

  • It will open up into a text box where you can edit it.

  • Once you are finished, click with the mouse outside of the text area to save.

medical history dentally

To add a question, click on the "Add medical history question" button in the bottom right of the screen. This will add a new question to the end of the list.

Dentally Add medical history question
  • Click on the text "Click here to edit......" to edit the question.

follow up in dentally
  • Click on the "Add Follow Up Question" to ask for further details.

  • To delete a medical history question, click on the bin icon to the right of the question you wish to delete.

Dentally Move Medical History question

To change the order of the questions, click and hold the 3 bars beside the question number. Drag and drop the question to where you want it.

Setting the Medical History Expiry Interval

You can set how often you wish your patients' medical history questionnaires to be marked as 'Out of Date'. Once a medical history is considered to be out of date, the red Medical History marker will show at the top of their records and a warning indicator will show in the patient's portal when the patient logs in.

This expiry interval is set in the same area that you set and edit your medical history questions. Settings > Treatments and Plans > Medical History Questions.

At the top right of your medical history questions page, set the interval at which you wish the patients' questionnaires to be set as out of date.

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