Once an Invoice has been produced, if you need to change any of its contents, the invoice needs to be deleted.

To delete an invoice, navigate to the patient’s account tab and click on the bin icon next to the invoice you would like to delete.

Invoices can only be deleted when the invoice is not locked and invoices can only be deleted by Administrators (permission level 4).

If the invoice has a padlock next to it instead of a bin, it is locked. An invoice will be locked if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Has any payments associated with it.

  • The course of treatment that generated the invoice has been completed.

Tool Tip

Dentally Account tab locked invoice tool tip

Hover your mouse over the padlock icon next to the payment to see the tool tip - which tells you the reason the invoice is currently locked.

To unlock an invoice when there are payments associated with it

If there are payments associated with it, the invoice will either have a green tick and say that the invoice is ‘Paid’, or the amount due will not match the invoice total. There will be payments in the lower section of the screen with the Invoice number in the Summary section of the payment details.

The link between the payment and the invoice needs to be removed. You can do this by clicking ONCE on the bin icon by the green tick on the Payment. This will remove the tick and the payment will be unexplained.  

remove invoice

If this accounts for ALL of the payment for the invoice, doing this will unlock the invoice and you should now be able to delete the Invoice.  The Payment is now unexplained and will have an orange question mark next to it. Once the invoice has been re-created, you can explain the payment against it as before.

allocate invoice

N.B. Click ONCE on the bin icon to remove the link between invoice and payment. Click TWICE on the bin icon to REMOVE / DELETE the payment.

When there are items on the Invoice on Completed Treatment Plans

If the treatments on the invoice are on completed treatment plans, you need to re-open these plans. You can do this from the History tab in the Chart screen. Find the treatment mentioned in the invoice and click the TP to the left of the line.

Once the treatment plan is displayed, click the Re-Open Treatment Plan button.

Once the invoice has no associated payments and all of its contents are on open treatment plans, it will be unlocked, and can be deleted, or amended.

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