All correspondence with or about a patient is listed in chronological order in the Correspondence tab, with the most recent items at the top.

This correspondence can be:

  • Phone Calls

  • Letters

  • Emails

  • SMS Messages

  • Scanned Documents

  • Estimates

New Correspondence

New correspondence can be created in this screen too, by clicking on the New Correspondence button and selecting the type you wish to create.

New correspondence

See our other help guides on creating correspondence.

Correspondence History

As the correspondence history with a patient grows, as will the list in this screen. Previously sent and received correspondence can be viewed and if appropriate, resent or reprinted.

View - Any previous correspondence can be viewed with the view option to the right of each item.

Reprint - When viewing letters or estimates, you can reprint them by clicking on the printer icon.

Edit - Letters can be edited and reprinted from the Edit option.

Delete - When viewing Letters, Uploaded documents and Estimates, the bin icon will delete the item.

Incoming Correspondence

If a patient replies to your Dentally practice email address or an SMS sent from Dentally and their email address or mobile number matches the records in Dentally, their message will be listed in here, alongside the outgoing messages created by the practice. If the incoming email address or mobile number does not match those saved in a patient’s records, the incoming correspondence can be linked to the patient using the Assign to Patient option when viewing the correspondence.

Delete Correspondence

If, for any reason, you need to delete correspondence, including files which have been uploaded into the incorrect patient, go to the item, Select View. As it comes up, select the bin icon on the top right of the view screen. Select OK and the file will be deleted from the patient's correspondence file.
WARNING  Once deleted the file CANNOT be recovered.

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