Dentally Mail saves you the time, hassle and expense of printing and sending your postal correspondence.

With Dentally Mail enabled, your printed correspondence is submitted electronically at 16:00, printed and posted out the same day.

The Dentally Mail postal options will be displayed with your default mailing and printing options. These can be set in Practice Settings > Postal tab. We have a helpful web page on how to set up your Dentally mail.

To use Dentally Mail

  • Select Patient messages from the left hand menu bar
  • Create a name for the mail shot.
  • Click on Done.
  • Click on Open for Step #2
  • Chose Letter
  • Click on Done
  • Click on Open for Step #3
  • Select the letter template from the drop down list
  • Check the letter is correct
  • Click on Done
  • Click on Open for Step #4
  • Click on Send Message Now

Once you select Save, you will see a letter confirmation synopsis screen.
When you close this, the letter will be sent to your Dentally Mail printing list.

  • The letters on this list are then submitted at 16:00 every day and will be printed and posted for you.

Posted Letters Report

From the Practice Reports, select Posted Letters.

To see unposted letters, use the filter Status > Unposted.
Use any additional filters such as date.

You can remove a letter from the list by clicking in the small box to the left and selecting Delete selected letters.

Correspondence Tab

Any letters sent by Dentally Mail will be shown in the patient’s Correspondence tab and can be viewed, edited or printed as normal from this screen. Any letters sent using Dentally Mail will show with a postbox icon in the Correspondence tab.

Quick Send letters, such as those produced by the recall report or by sending a letter from the calendar will be sent by Dentally Mail with your default postal options.

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