If you receive or produce printed correspondence or information for a patient, you can scan it and keep it with the rest of your patient data, safe in the cloud.

Scan and Save onto PC

  •  Scan an image of the document, remembering to keep the file size down by not using a higher resolution than you need to and not scanning in colour unless you need to.

  •  Save the image on your local PC.

Patient Correspondence Tab

  •  In the Patient Correspondence tab, select New Correspondence and Upload Document.

  •  You can now give a description of the document you are uploading and state whether it was produced by the patient, the practice or by someone else.

  •  Click on the document and drag it onto the upload area or click the upload area and browse to the file. Multiple files can be uploaded together to form multi-page documents.

upload scanned doc

Remove Scanned document from  your PC

  •  Once the document has been uploaded, you can delete the scanned image from your PC - it is now safe in the cloud with the rest of your data.

Downloading Documents

If you need to download the uploaded document, you can do this from the View screen. Just click on the Download button at the top right.

Preview Word Documents

If you have uploaded a Word document, this can NOT be previewed online in the same way as scanned images or PDF files. You will need to use the Download option to download the file locally and then use Word to open it.

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