Before patient messages can be sent it's important to follow a few initial steps, as there are some required changes to the practice settings before this feature can be used.

Amending User Settings

In Settings > Users, all users have a default messaging limit set at 200. If you have more messages than the number allowed, the system will prevent you from sending mass mailings. This can be amended by a member of staff with permission level 4 (Administrator).

To change the Maximum number of patients that can be contacted using the patients report, go to Settings > Users. Expand their Security tab. 

Increase the batch messaging limit. This figure needs to be increased to a higher value than that of the number of patients who will be contacted.  Remember to Save the changes.

When you have finished sending your bulk messages, you may want to set the number of patients back to a smaller number.

Message Templates

Messages can be sent using the practice's current list of existing templates.  

If you need a new template, we have a useful web page on how to set up  Correspondence templates. Remember, create the template based on the type of correspondence that will be sent (Letter, Email, SMS).

You can send messages

Bulk Patient Messaging uses segments created from within the Patients Report, allowing you to pull whatever information you want from the database by using the various fields that exist inside the report.

To use bulk patient messaging we have a web page to help you.

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