Creating and sending letters in Dentally follows a simple Step by Step procedure:

new correspondence

In the Correspondence tab, click on 'New Correspondence' and choose 'New Letter'.

Firstly, select the letter template from your pre-defined list of templates, which can be configured in the Settings menu under Templates. To add or edit a template, use the Correspondence template web page.

Once you have selected a template, if you do not wish to make any changes to the wording and wish to address the letter to the patient, using your default postal method, just click Save.

If you need to make any changes other than the default, click Next Step.

The next step allows you to choose who you are addressing the letter to. You may be writing to the patient, or to a third party regarding the patient.

Choose the address from the list:

  • The Patient

  • The Patient's Doctor - If the patient has a Doctor selected in their details tab

  • A Specialist - Choose from your pre-defined list of Specialists in your contacts list

  • Manually enter an address

After selecting a recipient or adding the address yourself click 'Next Step'.

Here you can edit the letter from the original template if required. Once the letter is ready to send, click Save. Click Next Step.

If you have Dentally Mail enabled, you will have another choice of selecting how you wish to send this letter:

Choose from the option of sending via Dentally Mail and using either your default postal and printing options or overriding them. Alternatively, choose print the letter yourself.

You will finally be shown a preview of how the letter will look when it is printed.

If you are using Dentally Mail, the close icon in the top right will send the letter to the postal queue, alternatively select print and send yourself.

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