To send a patient a new Email, go to the Correspondence tab, click 'New Correspondence' and select 'New email' from the drop-down menu.

The patient's email address entered into their details will be automatically picked up, otherwise, one can be typed here.

You can now type the email subject and the body of the email.

select template

Alternatively, you can apply a template, using your pre-defined list by clicking 'Apply template' and selecting the template from the drop-down list. These templates can be configured in your Settings menu under Templates. Find out more from out about templates from the Correspondence Templates web page.

Once you are happy that the email is correct, click 'Send' and the email will be sent to the patient.

Your email messages can include images and text formattings such as bold, italics and bullet points.

Add a Specialist to your Emails

When you are emailing a patient, in some cases you may wish to add a specialist to your email, so they also receive a copy of the email sent. Simply compose your email as normal and then hit the blue "Add Specialist" button and select the relevant specialist that you already have in your system.

Saving a Draft Email

In order to save your Draft email and return to it later, the steps are simple.

  • When composing the email you will see an 'X' in the top right of the box click it and it will close both the window and SAVE your email as a draft.


  • You can simply hit the Save button seen in the image above. This will save the email as a draft however, the window will remain open.

No matter how you choose to save your draft, once saved it can be viewed in the Patient Correspondence tab with (draft) appearing next to them.

To continue editing your draft you need only select the Edit button located on the right-hand side of the email within the patient correspondence tab.

To view drafts only simply select the Draft filter in your patient correspondence tab as shown below. You can also view your drafts from your Inbox tab in Dentally by following the same process.

Adding an attachment to an email

We have now updated emails within Dentally to enable you to add attachments to your emails. There are two ways to add attachments and both processes are easy.

Option one:

  • compose email as normal

  • drag and drop attachments in the box at the bottom of the left of the draft email box that reads Drag Files here to attach. See below.

Option two:

  • Compose email as normal

  • go to the same area in the draft email box and press choose files which will be highlighted in blue. As shown below.

Email Status'

When an email is sent it can have three status' shown within Dentally:

  • Clicked means that the link within the email has been pressed.

  • Opened means the email has been opened by the patient.

  • Delivered means that the email has been sent to the patient.

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