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How to add sundry items to your invoice. How to remove line items from an invoice

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Sundry items can be charged in Dentally by adding the items directly to an invoice from the account tab in a patient's record. This means that reception users can record the transaction without having to add the items to a treatment plan. As well as adding sundry items from a pre-configured list, charges can be raised by manually entering a description and price. This can be especially useful for invoicing one-off items or services.

These items can be added to existing invoices raised by charging a treatment plan, or by creating a new invoice directly from the patient's account tab.

The New Invoice button is displayed at the top of the account tab.

create new invoice

If an existing invoice has not yet been paid or partially paid, sundry items can be added to it using the edit invoice option to the right of the invoice details.

edit invoice

Adding Items to the Invoice:

Once the invoice has been opened, new items can be added using the Add Line Item button.

invoice line entry

An item can now be manually typed into the description field and a unit price. The quantity to the left will default to 1, but that can be changed by clicking and setting the figure. The total for that line item will then be displayed to the right.

Alternatively, clicking the Select Sundry option will display the practice's list of pre-defined sundry items. Select the item from the list and the default description and price will be added to the item line. These defaults can be overwritten if required and the quantity can be set in the same way as the manually added line.

Multiple items can be added to the invoice by selecting the Add Line Item option again. When everything has been added successfully, press the Save option.

Removing Line Items

Any item lines added to an invoice can be removed by clicking the bin icon to the right of that line. Items on the invoice which have been charged from a treatment plan cannot be deleted this way - the invoice will need to be removed to uncharge these items.

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