Producing an Invoice

How to create an invoice from within the charting tab.

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When treatment has been completed you need to charge the treatment to create an invoice and raise debt for the patient. Any treatments charged on a day will be included on the same invoice and the patient’s balance adjusted accordingly.

From a treatment plan, tick the items as complete that you wish to charge for and press the ‘Charge Treatment’ button. Once this has been done, any item line charged will no longer be editable while that invoice exists on the patient’s record.

If you need to create an invoice with a date prior to today, use the arrow button to the right of the Charge Treatment button and select the appropriate date.

charge treatment

Set the charge date as required:

set charge date

The invoice containing the charged items will now be visible in the account tab of the patient’s record and can be viewed, printed or emailed by clicking on the blue invoice number shown in the invoice details.

invoice link

The invoice can now be paid by taking a new payment, or an existing payment can be explained by linking it to the outstanding invoice.

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