The Invoices report allows you to view all of your invoices.

There are a number of filters you can apply to this report.

As with all reports in Dentally, you can collapse and expand the filters side bar.

By choosing one of the filters it allows you to focus on a type of invoice. Once a type of invoice has been chosen, the invoices in that category appear in date order with the latest invoices appearing first.

You can also choose the date range for the invoices you wish to see.

The invoices will appear in with sub-headings above. These sub-headings are:

  • the date the invoice was created
  • the reference which is the invoice number
  • the patient
  • the summary of the work carried out
  • the total amount of the invoice
  • the status of the invoice which is whether it has been paid and what date it was paid or the outstanding amount
  • the balance of the statement

You can export the report, to a csv file, which you can open in a spreadsheet and work with the data outside of Dentally.

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