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Unbooked Treatments Report in Dentally
Unbooked Treatments Report in Dentally
An overview of Unbooked Treatments Report to identify patients with incomplete treatment
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The Unbooked Treatments report is very useful for identifying any patients that have any treatments that need to be finished.

Dentally Unbooked Treatment Report icon

Use the filters to select the options you need.

For example, in this image, you will see the number of patients who are on the Private plan, who have some items ticked on their treatment plan, but the plan is not marked as complete, who have outstanding balances.

Dentally Unbooked Treatment Report filters

Helpful Tool tips

Dentally Unbooked Treatment Report Tool tips

You will see i-for-information tool tips along the top menu. Hover over the tool tip to find out more about what exactly the column filed is showing you.

Dentally Unbooked Treatment  Report tool tips in Paid field

There are additional tool tips in some columns. Here in the Paid column, you see additional information about the payment reasons. Hover your mouse over the tip to find out the additional information.


At the top right hand corner of this report there is an export button which lets you export the data from the report into a spreadsheet.

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