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Practitioner Activity Report in Dentally
Practitioner Activity Report in Dentally

How to use the Practitioner Activity report in Dentally

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What is the Practitioner Activity Report?

The Practitioner Activity Report is great for looking at a range of performance KPIs including;

  • treatments provided

  • paid/unpaid invoices

  • treatment referrals.

To run the following report you will need to be at least Level 2.

Level 2 Users/Practitioners can use this to review their performance.

Level 3+ users can run this report for all practitioners as required.

Running the Practitioner Activity Report

To find the Practitioner Activity report go to -

Reports > Treatments> Practitioner Activity.

Dentally - Practitioner Activity Report icon

You can then use the filters to narrow down exactly what you are looking for.

How to set your Filters?

Dentally - Practitioner Activity Report showing some filters
  • Filter by date range

  • Filter by 'completed on', or 'paid on'.

  • Completed on will display all treatments completed within the applied date range

  • Paid on will list all the treatment items that have been fully paid within that date range.

(this will give different results than the above, where treatments were completed in a period, but paid on a different date)

  • Additional filters are available to narrow down the search criteria even further, providing the functionality to manipulate the data and broaden the results of the report.

More on the Practitioner Activity Report

To learn more about the Practitioner Activity Report and how you might use it, we have a number of tutorial web pages for you to refer to.

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