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The New Patient per Month report allows you to see how many new patients you have registered in a month and sets the data into easy to view charts, with customers split into different coloured lines depending on their payment plan or acquisition source.

Dentally New Patients Per Month report

You can change the time period that the data shows. If you click the From or Until boxes a calendar will drop down and you can choose the required dates.


Below the graph is the data that goes with the chart.

Here you are able to see the data in an excel format, with a sub heading for the month and then each payment with the total at the end.

Below each list at the bottom you are able to see the total of new patients for that method in the time period you have chosen to look at.

Export data

At the top right hand corner of this report there is an Export button which lets you export the data from the report into a spreadsheet.

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