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You can use the Lapsed Patients report to identify patients that have not had an appointment since a specified date. This is useful if you want to encourage patients who have not been to the surgery for some time to return.

The Lapsed Patients report is found in Reports > Patients > Lapsed Patients.

Dentally Lapsed Patients Report showing filters
  • Set the date that the ‘Patient hasn’t visited since’.

  • Use the drop down calendar and select the desired date.

  • Clicking on any date in the calendar will set the report to that date and will show patients who have not visited since that particular date.

  • Select the Dentist for whom you want this report, or select All for the Practice

  • Select Payment Plan

  • Select the Location


To export the patient list to use it in Excel or another spreadsheet, click the the Export button in the the top right. This file has additional data on patients; more than is shown on the Dentally preview.

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