Dentally runs in your browser - it is optimised for Google Chrome, so while it will run in most browsers, for best results you should install Chrome.

The address you should go to in order to log in is:

Just type this in. It makes sense to add this to your Bookmarks to help get there quickly.

You can also get to the log in screen from our website, using the 'Log in' option at the top right.


In order to log in to Dentally, you will need a user to be created. This will use your email address as a username and a password of your choosing.

See our web page on  Adding a New User for help on adding users to Dentally.

Finding patients

The patient search will always display at the top left of your Dentally screen. This can be used to search for any patient records on your list. This can be done by either the patient's name, date of birth or mobile number - just start typing in the search box and Dentally will display anyone who matches what you have typed so far. When you can see that patient you need, just click on their entry in the list to be taken into their records.

search patient in dentally

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