To add a treatment to your list, you need to have access to the Settings menu on your login.

Go to Settings > Treatments and Plans.

On the list of treatments, go to New and fill in the details appropriate to the treatment you are adding.

There are two tabs initially - Details and Description

Details Tab

  • Treatment code - You need to give it a code - this can either follow the numbering for the codes already there or can be text.
  • Nomenclature  - allows you to give it a name; this is how you will find it in the list. 
  • Patient friendly name  - allows you to name it as something more patient friendly on the invoice if required. Leaving it blank will just use the Nomenclature.
  • Region - State whether it is treatment you're putting on a tooth, surface, a treatment item you are providing or a service to the Patient.
  • Category - State which category it will belong to. 
  • SNOMED Code - If required, add the correct SNOMED code.
  • Appear on Invoice - do you wish this to appear on the invoice? If it is a general note -  you may not wish to show it on the invoice, otherwise this is set to Yes.
  • Treatment indicates tooth is missing - You cannot chart Perio or implants, or other treatment if the tooth is set to missing.  Check the box if you want this to display tooth as missing.
  • Include in the base chart list? - Do you require this treatment to display in the list of treatments available to the Base Chart? Check the box if you want this to display in Base Chart.

NHS Options

  • Treatment is a filling - check the box to mark the treatment as a filling.
  • NHS UDA Band - Select whether it is an NHS treatment, and if it is,  which band the treatment should be allocated to.  This is important because it affects the Treatment Price, and UDAs awarded.
  • NHS Treatment Category - Select the correct Treatment Category

Danger Zone

  • Active - Make the New Treatment Item active. Take care when making items active or inactive. 


  • Hit Save to save the new Treatment.

Description Tab

  •  Once you have saved the Details, you can add a Description in this field. 

You may find it helpful to add notes or prompts that are often associated with this Treatment so that you do not have to type the prompts in over again, simply the answers or observations.

You may prefer to use Fields to record data for this treatment too.  We have a helpful web page about creating custom fields.

  •  Hit Save to save the new Description

Additional Tabs

Once the new treatment item has been saved, additional tabs appear

  • Icon - choose an icon if the treatment was going to appear on a tooth.
  • Pricing - Set the pricing for  your payment plans. 
  • Times -  How long should the default appointment duration be for this treatment on the specified payment plan
  • Fields - Here you can insert custom fields. We have a helpful web page about creating custom fields.
  • Remember to hit Save when you have made your changes.


Your New Treatment will be available to use straight away after you have hit the save button,  but you will need to refresh on other computers already running Dentally before they will see it.

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