The Age Group report is a great tool for identifying and reviewing the current demographics of your patient list and seeing where there are gaps and potential areas for marketing for your dental practice.

This report is arranged in a sideways bar chart with males to the left in light blue and females on the right in black, the ages on the outside of the chart and number of patients along the bottom. By hovering or clicking the cursor on any of the bars it shows the the age group and the amount of patients in that age group.

Below the chart there are two buttons - male and female. Click on one of these and it will remove the gender from the chart allowing you to see just female patients or just male patients, clicking on the button again will bring back the chart.

Below the chart is all of the data for the chart in its raw form, here you can see how many patients in total you have in each age group.

At the top right hand corner of this report there is an export button which lets you export the data from the report into a spreadsheet.

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