Every now and then you will need to change your treatment prices - up or down! If your fees are increasing or decreasing by a percentage, you can set these in one go - no need to go into each item and set its price manually. This fee change will only affect new treatments charted, so items already charted will keep the prices they were entered with at the time.

Let's have a look at how to do it:

This requires access to the Settings menu, so will need an Admin level user/ Level 4 user to carry it out.

In the Settings menu, go to Treatments & Plans. Select the Payment Plan you need to change the pricing for and click the Edit button. In the edit screen, click Adjust Fees.

adjust fees

Increasing or Decreasing the Existing Prices

Use the Adjust option to say whether you are Increasing or Decreasing the current fees, then set the percentage. A 10% increase in fees would require Adjust set to 'Increase' and Percentage '10' for example.

changing fees

Copying the Prices from another Payment Plan

If you are setting your treatment fees in relation to another plan's fees, you can use this option too.

For example: You are creating a new Payment Plan called 'Referred' that has a 10% discount on your standard 'pay as you' go Private fees.

Once you have created the new Payment Plan, go to the Adjust Fees option as above.

adhust referred fees

Set the option to copy the fees from the Private Payment Plan and set the Adjust to 'Decrease' and percentage to '10'.

This will set the current fees for your 'Referred' payment plan to the same as your Private fees, but with a 10% discount.

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