To make the sale of sundry items nice and quick, they can be added to Dentally with a description and default price. When you open an invoice to record a sundry, these pre-configured sundries can then be selected from a list.

You need Permission Level 4 (Administrator) to add and amend sundry items.

  • From the Settings menu, go to Treatments & Plans, then to the Sundries tab.

Dentally Sundry items setup
  • Any current sundries will be displayed.

  • Amend any existing sundry by clicking in the field. All fields can be edited.

Dentally Sundry Setup Edit sundry item
  • Remove a sundry item by clicking on the bin icon.

Add a New Sundry

Dentally Add a new Sundry Item
  • Click on New sundry to add an item to the list and enter its details.

  • Name is how the sundry item will appear on the invoice

  • Nickname is used to select from the list of available sundries.

Multiple Locations

You can set sundries by location. This means that you can set sundries so they are available only at certain sites.

  • To do this go to Settings > Treatments and Plans > Sundries tab.

  • Select the down arrow next to the Location field

  • Select the location you wish this sundry to be allocated to, from the drop down list.

  • If you wish the sundry item to be available for all sites, use the - (dash)

  • Save changes

Dentally Sundry Items select multisite option

An Example

In this example, you will see that Charcoal Toothpaste is available at the site called Molar Research Division and therefore does not appear in the list of sundries available for a patient invoice raised at Dentally Fulham. The sundry item is then allocated to Dentally Fulham and appears on the list of sundry items for that patient.

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