Custom Fields allow you quickly record notes and information by means of text, tick boxes and preset options such as 'drop down' lists.

You need to have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to do this.

An example of two dropdown fields and a check box

An example of a field with Title, dropdown, checkbox and paragraph fields.

Each item you enter against a treatment is called a Field. Each Field has a title, description, type and width. 

To add Custom Fields

  •  To add custom fields to your current treatment items go to Settings > Treatments & Plans.

  •  Select the treatment item >  select the tab titled Fields > New Custom Field.

Dentally new custom field tab

You can have a simple list of fields or you can format the fields into sections.

Create New Custom Field

To create a new custom field, select the New Custom Field button

Dentally New Custom Field button

You will now be presented with some field options.

Dentally Custom Fields initial field settings

Field Type

Select the appropriate Field Type for the Field

  • Text - will allow you a short line of text

  • Number  - will allow you to type in a number - or you can use the up and down arrows to  change numbers

  • Dropdown - will allow you to select an option from a preset list

  • Checkbox - will allow you to tick or untick an item (true or false)

  • Paragraph - will allow you to enter more text (up to 2000 characters)

  • Title - will let you create a Title field to help you section your custom fields screen

  • Spacer - will allow you to add additional space on the form

Dropdown multiple options:

If you create a field using the Dropdown list, you obviously need to set what the multiple options are that you are choosing from. Once you have selected 'Dropdown' as the option for the field type, you can then add 'dropdown options'. These can be edited, deleted and re-arranged if required.

Dentally custom fields

This is the name of the field. It is displayed on the Fields screen when completing the fields on a planned treatment. The name should be short but accurately describe the purpose of the field.


You can set a description for the field if you would like to clarify what it’s for. You see the description in the field list when editing the fields, it does not display on a treatment plan. 


This allows you to design how your screen of custom fields is laid out.
The width of the overall screen is determined by how many columns you have set, then you can set how much of the screen is taken up by each field and basically works with columns.

You can change the width of a field at any time.

If you had set 4 columns for the overall screen width, then the width against each field will dictate how much of the screen as below:  

Example: If you want a field to fill the full width of the screen, or to be the only field on that line, then set the width to '4'. If you wish to have 4 fields in a row on one line, set each of them to '1'.

You can set and re-set the number of columns once you have hit the save button.

Default Value

You can set a default value if you would like a field to populate with set text or numbers. This will apply that default value when you chart the treatment, you can then overwrite the default with another value if appropriate. This can also be left blank. 

Once you are happy with the field just press save to store the details. It’s possible to set as many fields as you would like per treatment item to help streamline the entry of your clinical notes.

Dentally create Custom fields

To set and re-set number of columns

Once you have saved your initial field settings, a new field will appear at the top left of the editing screen.  This field allows you to change the number of columns for your custom fields.  

Dentally custom fields set columns

Click on the number to change the number of columns for your screen. The field width will automatically adjust to the number of columns. 

If you need to adjust the width of the fields, click on the number in the width column and change it. The changes will be shown immediately on screen.

Dentally Custom fields options

You can edit other aspects of the custom field, using the edit button.

Dentally edit fields

If you no longer want the custom field, delete it using the bin icon.

Dentally delete fields

Associated Support pages

We have a helpful web page about Creating a new Treatment Item.

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