Before you can submit an Ortho claim, you need to 

  • chart a treatment, and 

  • complete an Ortho assessment,

  • mark the treatment as complete 

  • complete both the Patient Declaration, and the Completion date.

Dentally Ortho Scotland Patient declaration

Submit Ortho Claim

For an e-ortho claim, select Submit Ortho claim.

If the patient on THIS treatment plan doesn't have a current Ortho claim, you will need to create a new claim.
Click Create New Ortho claim.   You need to create one new Ortho Claim per Treatment Plan.

Dentally e-ortho Scotland Submit Ortho claim

To claim the Exam, click on the +Examination tab.

You MUST have completed an Ortho Assessment. You CANNOT submit an Ortho Claim without an Ortho Assessment. 

If you have a current ortho assessment, the Ortho Assessment data is already completed for you, with the date and details. of the last assessment.

Chi Search Reference - You must have a valid CHI number or search reference.
Complete as many fields as possible. 

You must have completed the Patient Declaration and completion fields on the Treatment Plan or you will see an error.


Dentally Scotland Ortho Submission Response field

You do NOT need to add anything into the Response field if this is the first submission. Messages from the Board will appear here and here is where  you reply to them. 

Upload evidence

If the Board require additional evidence, here is also where you will find the link to upload documents/files to send to the Board.

To do this, click on the Upload link that will appear.

Use this link to upload your documents.

When all have successfully uploaded,  you will need to click Attachments Uploads and Save the Claim.

Dentally e-ortho Scotland Attachment upload link

Only select Physical Evidence sent if you have put evidence in the post to the Board. Select Physical evidence, then select the evidence you have sent.
Save the Claim.

Prior Approval

Dentally Scotland Ortho PA submission

If you have a paper Prior Approval, add the date of the Prior Approval here.

If you have an electronic Prior Approval you do not need to add anything here.


Dentally NHS Scotland Ortho submission referral

Referral is required if this patient was referred to you from another practitioner. Select the reason for the referral.  

The referral is sent as £0. The Board awards the fee for referral. When approved, the fee is completed. 

Discontinued Items

Dentally NHS Scotland Ortho submit discontinued items

From here you can review the treatment plan items and create discontinued details as appropriate.

These will be added to the incomplete items list for submission.

Press + to see a list of items and pick the ones you want to mark as discontinued.

Dentally NHS Scotland Ortho submission more discontinued items

Note: If there are uncompleted items on the treatment plan, they will already have been automatically added and cannot be removed.


Dentally NHS Scotland Ortho submission Annotations

Annotations are mandatory fo reach tooth. If they've not been created automatically, use the Create default annotations button to populate them or add in any missing ones.

For help with annotation codes, click on the in for information next to the Annotations section heading.

Dentally NHS Scotland Ortho submission Annotations added

Bonded or Banded Annotations

If you have charted an item that denotes a bonded or banded treatment, make sure you add annotation G as appropriate.

  1. When the treatment is created add all the teeth against it. Be careful to add the teeth and not create the treatment multiple times.

  2. Create the annotations and set the Bonded or Banded teeth to have G in the annotation.

  3. Check that there are incomplete treatments for the treatments you need (these double as discretionary).

To Submit

Dentally NHS Scotland Ortho submission save

To submit, click the declaration statement, enter your PIN and click Save.

Successful Submission

Dentally Ortho Scotland Successful submission

When your claim has been submitted successfully, you will see that the claim has moved from queued to sent.

If there are any errors, the errors will appear on this screen. They will usually be flagged up quickly.  Error messages are relatively straightforward to decipher but if you are unsure, ask Dentally Support team for help.

Click on the pen and paper icon to the far left of the submission to open the claim in a new tab so that you can see any error messages in more detail.

You can only submit a claim up to 10 times. 

Displacement Error for NHS Scotland

There is currently an error when submitting an e-Ortho claim to NHS Scotland.  If Displacement is 0 or has no value, the claim will show an error.

The way around this, currently, is to put any value in displacement with a NOTE in OBSERVATIONS saying that there is no displacement value and that the value you input was to ensure the claim went through.

Manage your e-ortho submissions with the Ortho Submissions Report and we have a web page, E-Ortho Submissions Report, to help you.

For help with e-Ortho Prior Approvals, take a look at our e-ortho Prior Approval web page.   For help with completing an Ortho assessment, take a look at our Ortho Casae Assessment web page.

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