Before you can submit an Ortho Prior Approval claim, you need to 

  • chart a treatment, and 

  • complete an Ortho assessment

When you have completed the ortho assessment, and you need Prior Approval for the planned treatment, follow these steps to create and submit an e-ortho Prior Approval.

  • As with all Treatment Plans, select the Treatment and click the check box next to it.

  • As it is an Ortho submission, Select Submit Ortho Claim.   Do NOT select Prior Approval. This is for non-ortho claims.

  • If it is a new claim, select Create New Ortho Claim

  • Now select the +Prior Approval tab.

  • Complete the form - making sure that you complete any amndatory fields - marked with a red * 

  • The latest Ortho Assessment date and details are automatically inserted here. Ensure you have selected the correct Assessment, if there is more than one.

  • Ensure there is a CHI Search Reference. If this is blank, return to Patient Details and perform a CHI Search.

  • Once you have completed the appropriate fields, complete the declaration, and Save. Save Submits the Prior Approval.

You can track the progress of your Prior Approvals in the Ortho Submissions Report.


You do NOT need to add anything into the Response field if this is the first submission. Messages from the Board will appear here and here is where  you reply to them. 

When you do reply, be aware that you need to use fewer than 2000 characters - including spaces and punctuation.

Upload evidence

If the Board require additional evidence, here is also where you will find the link to upload documents/files to send to the Board. 

  • To do this, click on the Upload link that will appear,

  • Use this link to upload your documents.

  • When all have successfully uploaded,  you will need to click Attachments Uploads and Save the Claim. 

Only select Physical Evidence sent if you have put evidence in the post to the Board. Select Physical evidence, then select the evidence you have sent.
Save the Prior Approval.


Referral is required if this patient was referred to you from another practitioner. Select the reason for the referral.  

The referral is sent as £0. The Board awards the fee for referral. When approved, the fee is completed. 

To Submit

To submit, click the declaration statement and click Save.

Successful Submission

When your Prior Approval has been submitted successfully, you will see that the claim is queued, and submitted. 

Handling Errors

  • If there are errors, you will see them immediately. 

  • Error messages are quite straightforward. Read them and decipher what they are telling you.  Have a look at our Ortho Submissions Report web page for help with dealing with errors.  If you struggle to work out what's missing or wrong with any of the error messages, contact Dentally Support Team.

  • While you are working to resolve errors, the old error does NOT clear from the screen. Don't be put off by this. 

Manage your Ortho Prior Approval Submissions

  • Manage your e-ortho submissions with the Ortho Submissions Report and we have a web page, E-Ortho Submissions Report, to help you.

 For help with completing an Ortho Case assessment, take a look at our Ortho Assessment web page.
For help with submitting a claim for an exam without need for a Prior Approval, see our NHS Scotland Claim an Ortho Exam web page.
For help with continuation cases with Ortho prior approvals and transfers, see our NHS Scotland Continuation of Treatment Process web page.

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